History of the Felt factory

The roots of the Felt factory go back to the year 1783, when the company J.D. Weickert was founded in Leipzig.

The development of the pianoforte was very important for the history of the Weickert-company. With starting to cover the hammer of the pianos with felt there was experimented in the company to make good hammer felt.

In 1847 the first felt for piano hammer was made in Germany by the Weickert factory. This felt was successful tested and used by the piano factory J.G. Irmler.

Piano Felt Factory J.D. Weickert was the new name of the company

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Medals and awards among at the industrial exhibition in Leipzig, 1850 or at the world exposition in London, 1851 and Paris, 1867 have made the company renowned over the world.

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The existing and newly founded Piano factories at that time caused an increasing demand for Piano Felt. Even today well-known companies as Steinway, Blüthner, Bösendorfer , Ibach, Bechstein or Rönisch were already customers of the Felt factory.

The factory had to increase the capacity and had to add on new facilities. The number of staff increased by 50 in year 1860 to 350 employees at the beginning of the 20th century.

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The range of felt types was constantly expanded over the years. The Weickert factory made technical wool felts for many industries. After 1918, the company started to make endless felt Manchons with an enormous dimension.

There was a big demand for such manchon for example in the paper industry.

The manufactory suffered a fate as the most of the companies in Eastern Germany after the end of the Second World War.

The factory was socialised in 1951 by the government. The “VEB Technische Filze Wurzen” was the headquarter of 12 felt associated companies located in the area of the GDR in 1975.

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A number of technical felt articles were exported – as well as in the countries of Eastern Europe, West Germany and in other countries all over the world.

In agreement with the heir of family Weickert bought Klaus Brand the Felt factory in Wurzen from the German state in 1991. To make the company and the felt products competitive major investments had to be carried out. It was very important to improve the quality as well as the restart of the production of specialty felts.

The changeover from mass production in the GDR into the manufacture of customer – oriented products were mastered. A lot of new customers from all over the world could be won.

The number of employees increased by 30 people in 1991 until today to more than 100 people.In addition to technical wool felt the Piano felt became one of the major products of the company. Nowadays the hammer Felt made in Wurzen is known worldwide. The names Wurzen-Felt or Weickert-Felt are famous and well known all over the world by customers and experts.