Felt for Musical Instruments

today are also a very important part of our product range.

We are thereby in the tradition of J.D.Weickert Pianofortefilzfabrik.

Nowadays we combine the experience which we have gained over generations with latest knowledge and modern production techniques. Our product range today includes piano felt as well as many felts for other musical instruments

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The Rebirth of the Weickert Hammerhead Felt

Filzfabrik Wurzen GmbH (FFW) is the oldest felt mill in the world today and is the successor company to the once famous J.D.Weickert Piano Forte Felt Factory which was known for its legendary ‘Weickert’ hammer felt from 1848 until 1945. After World War II, the company was put under state ownership and slowly lost its leadership position in hammer felt.

In 1991, after German reunification, the company was re-privatized by the Brand family. Due to strong demand for better sounding hammers in the German piano industry at the time, FFW reintroduced the old ‘Weickert’ hammer felt method of production. The result was the creation of a more elastic and stable felt that offers the piano technician a much wider dynamic range of tone as well as less maintenance.

Only through the good cooperation between the felt maker, hammerhead maker, piano manufacturer, and voicer‎ is it possible to get optimal tonal results. The felt is the basis for success, but the hammerhead making method and voicing technique by the piano maker‎ are equally important. This video shows such cooperation among the companies FFW (felt maker), Louis Renner (hammerhead maker), and Steingraeber & Soehne (piano manufacturer). The hammerhead felt quality shown here is FFW’s ‘Weickert Special’, its latest product.

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Piano felt

Felt for Musical Instruments
Piano felts
Mechanics felts
  • 4 types of Hammer Top Felt
  • Treble damper felt in sheets or strips
  • Bass damper cut to strips for single-, double- or tri-string damper
  • Front rail felt punchings and Back rail felt (made from green woven felt, made from white climat stable Pianofelt)
  • Balance rail punching
  • Bushing cloth
  • and many other felt parts
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Felt for musical instruments

  • Felt balls and beater heads for mallets
  • Timpany felt for Timpany mallets
  • Felt for Wind Instruments and many other musical instruments
Mallets with heads felt
Felt balls and felt heads