Specialty Felt

In addition to the standard felt, we also manufacture special felt products for special technical applications, such as seamless manufactured felt tubes, felt sleeves, felt belts and conveyor belts or felt types like embossing felt for leather industry or saddle pads made from wool felt.

With our experience in many industries and the know-how of our staff, we are able to find individual solutions for our customers.

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Dough conveyor belt made of felt
Felt-lined parts of a machine
Felt tubes
  • Renewal of felts of machine parts
  • Felts for fermenting cabinets in bakeries
  • Felts for use in bakery
  • A various range of felts and custom cut parts
  • conveyor belts made from pressed felt or woven felt
  • Felt sleeves and felt tubes – endless / seamless manufactured from wool felt
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Felt belt for a leather ironing machine
Saddle pads made of felt
Felt pad for leather embossing
  • Endless felt sleeves and endless felt belts made from wool felt (for textile machines, Manchons for paper machines, for tannery machines)
  • Our wool felt saddle pads are the best protection for horsebacks. It helps to disperse pressure, heat and moisture on the horse. We supply various forms
  • Special felt pads with high elasticity for example felt pads for leather embossing